We Are Speed Merchants.

“A cat. 1 only high class elite group of the fastest racers on the scene” is a perfect way to describe a team that is not us. I mean, a few folks on the team qualify, but most of us just try to hold their wheels for a few miles before being left alone in the cold dark wilderness with nothing but a cold beer as our motivation to keep moving forward. We go hard, but we are a group with interests and talents as diverse as the bikes we ride.

Get At Us


Besides being a glutton for punishment, it takes a good attitude, moderate at best cycling talent, and a willingness to be a positive ambassador for our sport both locally and statewide. We ask that our team members purchase their own kits, join us on group rides, and hopefully challenge yourself by showing up to races and events ready to represent Speed Merchants with a great attitude.

It’s been said that we are the coolest and most hardcore team around, and while that might not totally be true, we also don’t deny it. Our team members get great discounts from our Sponsors, such as huge %’s off bikes, parts, and service at Speed Merchants, a “pro deal” account w/ Merrell, as well as great deals and discounts on food, drinks, and services from our great local sponsors.

You absolutely must be “hard core” when it comes to your enjoyment of cycling and your willingness to promote it and participate in it. Leave your ego at the door of the shop and come join our team as a member of our various internal teams, such as Woman’s, Men’s, Youth, or Elite teams. Nobody takes themselves too seriously and we have rides, events, and members that enjoy all types of cycling at all different levels.

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